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9anime is a popular free anime streaming website that allows users to watch English Subbed and Dubbed anime online. We provide you with features that are normally paid for on premium sites such as HD quality, seamless streaming experience, and especially, zero ads. Your security matters the most to us; therefore, a safe and enjoyable user experience for users is what we aim for. We give up ads and pop-ups in an attempt to keep you safe from viruses and malware. You deserve to enjoy your favorite anime without worries, and that is what we can help you with at 9anime. is where you can immerse yourself in the anime world with no hassles or interruptions.

If 9Anime is what you have been looking for long, share us with your friends and family too. Every anime fan should be able to watch their favorite shows freely and safely.

9anime is where you can get exclusive premium features at no cost. An extensive content library, HD quality, fast load times, zero ads, and superb customer service are among our biggest strengths.

9anime is your best bet when you are looking for a title of interest. With thousands of titles covering all genres and subgenres, we are confident to provide you with whatever title that you are interested in watching. No matter what your taste in anime is, we can offer titles that quench your thirst. You can even find here subgenres that are not available on traditional American TV channels. If a title is not found on 9anime, it is highly unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Watch Anime Online Free with No Ads

Looking for a free anime site can be a risky journey. Free sites have a bad reputation when it comes to safety and security. Free sites rely on ads and while most ads are safe, some of them can install malicious computer programs into our device. Although they are unsafe, they have been the only option for millions of anime fans for years. But now, your life as an anime lover has been changed forever with our ad-free feature. 9anime is completely free from ads and pop- ups, meaning that you have no risk of getting viruses and malware. 9anime does not require any registration or signup, which again keeps you safe from identity theft or data loss. 9anime is no doubt the safest and most reliable free site to watch anime online.

What is 9anime?

9anime is one of fan favorites thanks to its outstanding features. The site has been a safe haven for anime lovers for years. Unfortunately, free sites come and go. 9anime was taken down and multiple fake sites were created in hopes of living off our popularity. These sites should be avoided at all cost as they might be ill-intentioned. They are not only unsafe but also unable to deliver the same quality that 9anime boasts for. What sets us apart from these fake sites is the complete safety we provide and the premium quality no site can fake. 9anime is where your best dream of a free site comes true. You can find here a huge collection of anime shows, HD resolution, optimized UI, fast loading speed, zero ads, and the best customer support.

Is 9anime or Gogoanime Better for streaming anime?

Gogoanime is no doubt one of the most popular sites to watch anime online for free. It was a tough question to ask in the past but now, as 9anime has gone completely ad-free while Gogoanime is still ad-supported, we can say it out loud with pride that it is safer and better to stream anime online on 9anime. The number of popups on Gogoanime is unbearable and it makes users feel not only unsafe but also frustrated. Stay with 9anime for a safer and more seamless streaming experience.

Is It Illegal to Use 9anime?

Unfortunately, 9anime is not a properly legal streaming site due to its pirated content. However, you shouldn’t be worried about streaming anime online on the site. According to copyright attorneys, using piracy sites is not considered illegal and it won’t cause you troubles such as criminal or civil charges.

Does 9anime Have an App?

Currently our official app is not available yet. Therefore, if you see any app claiming to be 9anime, avoid it at any cost as it might be shady. We are working hard to launch the app as soon as possible. Updates about the app will be on the site, so stay tuned and stay safe!

Is 9anime safe?

There is absolutely nothing to be worried about on 9anime. With the ad-free feature, 9anime is free from viruses, trojans, and malicious malware. Hackers simply cannot access your device to cause you headaches such as data loss, identity theft, or corrupted networks. 9anime does not require you to reveal any private information for a signup. Your identity is kept 100% confidential. You can stay anonymous on the site and can still have full access to the site’s content library and features. To sum it up, 9anime is currently the safest and most reliable anime site you can find on the Internet. Apart from its safety, 9anime also provides us with other excellent features such as:

  • An extensive content library with thousands of anime shows.
  • HD quality (720p).
  • Seamless streaming feature.
  • Fast, private, and safe streaming sources.
  • Fast content updates.
  • User-friendly UI and UX.
  • Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported.
  • No registration or signup needed.
  • Best customer support.